Jim Tittemore, psychologist and workplace specialist, provides companies and organizations of any size with the tools and strategies to attract, develop and retain top performers at every level.


Jim has authored two books: Productive Leadership and Stress Relief is an Inside Job.  He also developed the Top Performance Challenge Deck for motivated, aspiring leaders.


Jim's practical and hands-on approach maximizes people performance at all levels.  The emphasis is not just on 'what is required' but also on 'how to do it'.

Some facts on hiring, turnover and engagement


In the absence of a well-defined system for interviewing candidates, your chances of getting the right fit for the job are about 15%.

With the right hiring system and process your chances go up to 85%.

The cost of a 'bad hire' is at least 300% of the person's annual wage.


The direct cost of turnover is in excess of 100% of the employee's wage, including downtime, overtime costs, hiring costs and time to get up to speed.

Pre-turnover costs leading up to resignation or dismissal, including direct and indirect reduced productivity, is at least another 100%.

The pre- and post- negative impact of turnover in terms of morale, corporate credibility and lost employee engagement of the survivors can equal another 200%.


Only 29% of the workforce is engaged, while 52% are not engaged and 19% are disengaged.  The negative impact of the 52% who are just collecting a paycheck and the 19% who are actively sabotaging company efforts, is in the billions.

Engaged employees deliver 25-30% more than those that are not engaged and up to 200-300% more than disengaged employees.

Engaged employees take 78% less time to manage.

87% fewer engaged employees leave the job.

Engaged organizations enjoy up to 6 times greater profitability than organizations with low employee engagement.



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